twilight addicted

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's a Yost thing!

Stuffed with turkey what do the Yost"s do? PLAY FOOTBALL!!!!! Heck Yes! When we were done eating and waiting for the food to set in so we could move on to COBBLER lol. We set up a football game. Jacob, Dillon, and me against the rest. It was so much fun, well except for the part where my grandpa fell running for the touchdown. I almost caught him to he fell right into me. we were cool though we got up and went right on playing. Towards the end I caught an interception and ran it for a......TOUCHDOWN!!!!!! Then it was over but we are going to play again next thanksgiving. :D CANT WAIT!!


sandi said...

Ooooh; I'm lovin' the Twilight background!

Unknown said...

SO fun Cayli!! I got your blog off of Sandi's. Looks way cute. I love your background. Twilight rocks! (Yes, I've seen it three times)