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Thursday, December 18, 2008

I wish I could go back!

OH MY GOODNESS!! My Thanksgiving vacation was amazing. Along with my famly I went to Springerville to stay at my grandparents house. We had so much fun but the day before we left went to the top of this mountain and while veryone rode bikes I hiked. It was incredible I was able to just run through the forest and enjoy the peace, quite, and time to think. Most of the time the trail stayed along side this stream. It was so beautiful. I cant wait to go up and ride my mountain bike down in the spring. When we went we took my cousin Jacob and his friend Dillon. I let Dillon ride my bike so he and Jacob could stay together and I really love to hike. I dont know what it is about hiking but I just really like it because you get to lokk around at everything while you go. I am counting down till we get to go back I'm so excited.

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