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Friday, May 29, 2009

Woooo Summer time! Well its the first week of summer and I am already getting ready to go on my third trip. Lol. Back up to Springerville I go. I love going up there. I dont know if its because its a small town or if its my great uncles ranch or just being up there with family but I always just have such a great feeling of home there. I dont really know how to explain it. I just feel like I belong up there. Its like a second home i guess. Even more now that my Uncle Donald, Aunt Jennifer, and cousin Jacob live up there full time. They have a log cabin right next door to my Nana and Papa's so its really nice. Other than going up there I think I will just be chilling with friends and family. I dont have alot of hard core plans made for summer so if you want to hangout or go to the movies or something I'm all over it just call me!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Supercross was AWSOME!!

How AWSOME is that!?!?! Supercross was amazing I love it so much. I had sooo much fun being with my family and getting a break from school and friends. I finaly got to chill with my family and forget the world. What better way than Super?

Our tickets were cool. We could see everything going on. I was so happy to be there I wouldn't have cared where we sat. I got to see Chad Reed!! I was so happy. And if you have read my Mom'spost about our experience at Supercross Yes I did say he was hot. I cannot wait for the next Supercross. Mabey next time we can get a group together and we can sit by each other. That would be so fun.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


SUPERCROSS!!!!! WOO. Tonight my family and I are going to Chase Fields to watch. I'm so excited because I thought we weren't going to go. All week my friend Brenden has been talking about going and I was so bummed. But last night at dinner my Mom and Dad said to get a good nights sleep so we wouldn't be grumpy for it. I cannot wait I'm going crazy.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Wow, Christmas is over. I guess its time to start the count down over again. This was my favorite Christmas ever. My room has been added to with a new bed set and curtains. I played my first game of Scrabble (thank you grandma). I got my purse that I was devastated about because Tilly's stopped selling it and it turned out my mom had gone and gotten one for me for Christmas. I love it and have already used it twice. Walker got a unicycle (tricycle) as he keeps calling it ,and Brody got a new bike. My dad got a helmet camera and is just dyeing to go test it out on a mountain bike ride. He is so funny I wish everyone could see his face when he opened it (awsome gift mom). My mom got bubble bath stuff she loves and uggs which she has been wanting for forever and some other little random things. OH MY GOSH! I ALMOST FORGOT! I got this AWSOME i-home. It projects the time onto the wall. It is the coolest thing ever. IT was a Christmas I will not be forgetting.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's a Yost thing!

Stuffed with turkey what do the Yost"s do? PLAY FOOTBALL!!!!! Heck Yes! When we were done eating and waiting for the food to set in so we could move on to COBBLER lol. We set up a football game. Jacob, Dillon, and me against the rest. It was so much fun, well except for the part where my grandpa fell running for the touchdown. I almost caught him to he fell right into me. we were cool though we got up and went right on playing. Towards the end I caught an interception and ran it for a......TOUCHDOWN!!!!!! Then it was over but we are going to play again next thanksgiving. :D CANT WAIT!!

I wish I could go back!

OH MY GOODNESS!! My Thanksgiving vacation was amazing. Along with my famly I went to Springerville to stay at my grandparents house. We had so much fun but the day before we left went to the top of this mountain and while veryone rode bikes I hiked. It was incredible I was able to just run through the forest and enjoy the peace, quite, and time to think. Most of the time the trail stayed along side this stream. It was so beautiful. I cant wait to go up and ride my mountain bike down in the spring. When we went we took my cousin Jacob and his friend Dillon. I let Dillon ride my bike so he and Jacob could stay together and I really love to hike. I dont know what it is about hiking but I just really like it because you get to lokk around at everything while you go. I am counting down till we get to go back I'm so excited.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Time!

Yummy! O.K. how cool is that mug? HOT CHOCOLATE ROCKS! My Mom made some hot chocolate for me and my brothers and... Oh My Gosh does it taste good. I love it with the little white fluffy's a.k.a. marsh mellows and twirly mint sticks LoL. They make it taste like candy canes. I love Christmas time its Awesome. We have our house decorated and we get to do all kinds of holiday stuff. I didn't help with the tree this year though ;( darn it. I went to a basketball game that night to cheer on a friend. BUT I did get to help my Dadster put up Christmas light and Holy Cow guys give your dads props they are tricky little things. One min. you have a nice straight line of lights the next you have a tangled mess with random spots that don't even work. We pulled through though. My house is rockin out 'LITERALLY' we even have a house down the street that plays music the whole time we were doing lights. I kept thinking there was an ice cream truck parked somewhere nearby. GO CHRISTMAS!!!