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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Time!

Yummy! O.K. how cool is that mug? HOT CHOCOLATE ROCKS! My Mom made some hot chocolate for me and my brothers and... Oh My Gosh does it taste good. I love it with the little white fluffy's a.k.a. marsh mellows and twirly mint sticks LoL. They make it taste like candy canes. I love Christmas time its Awesome. We have our house decorated and we get to do all kinds of holiday stuff. I didn't help with the tree this year though ;( darn it. I went to a basketball game that night to cheer on a friend. BUT I did get to help my Dadster put up Christmas light and Holy Cow guys give your dads props they are tricky little things. One min. you have a nice straight line of lights the next you have a tangled mess with random spots that don't even work. We pulled through though. My house is rockin out 'LITERALLY' we even have a house down the street that plays music the whole time we were doing lights. I kept thinking there was an ice cream truck parked somewhere nearby. GO CHRISTMAS!!!

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sandi said...

Hmmmmmmmmm; hows come no one brought ME any yummilicious hot chocolate? Teehee!